About Us

NailKhandhi [nail•candy] is a presson nails bar curated by Nail Artíst and Entrepreneur, Keosha Nicole.

Keosha’s goal with NailKhandhi is to provide versatility for those who are not able to wear the long nail lengths they truly desire. Options are endless when you can wear one set today and a different set another day. 


How We Started

Keosha has always had a passion for art. She began drawing at the age of six. She learned by sight and quickly picked up on her newly discovered talent by watching her father and her older brother draw. She won several art contests and earned several awards for her talent from elementary through Art School. After completing Art School, she gained a new interest in Nail Art as a hobby. One day she purchased a pack of clear half cover nail tips, cleaned an empty clear coat nail brush with acetone, trimmed 97% of the bristles off, borrowed some of her mom’s craft paint and it has been her hobby ever since. She began wearing her own nails and after receiving so many compliments and inquires about them, she began to take her once hobby a bit serious and turn it into a business. Here it is! NailKhandhi, a glamorous service from The Khandhi Shop.